A Guide To Frozen Cocktails – Includes Simple And Delicious Recipes

Frozen cocktails

Frozen cocktails are frozen drinks that are made with alcohol. They are often frozen because they contain a lot of ice, which means they’re typically strong enough to get you drunk quickly! There is no end to the variety of frozen cocktails out there. Some have gin or tequila for example, while others might be more fruity and not as potent.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what frozen cocktails are, how easy they can be to make and share with you our favorite recipes, so you can try them out yourself!

Why serve frozen cocktails?

Frozen cocktails are a great way to try something new and exciting, especially in the summer months. However, don’t overlook the possibility of serving them at other times of the year, such as in the spring, or the winter.

Another advantage of frozen cocktails is that you may make batches, in a blender. Batch serves as a great when you have friends over!

Frozen cocktails are excellent when the drink’s consistency is perfect, which requires a good blender and high-quality ice. When mixing, the sour parts should be more abundant than the sweet components, since they will taste better when diluted and frozen.

Tips on making the best frozen cocktails

If you’re making these at home, you’ll need a high-quality blender. Use quality ice and get your sugar levels in order. It’s amazing how sweetness can evaporate in mixed and frozen cocktails.

You will also need to plan ahead! Many of the recipes below need freezing components overnight: either the complete drink mix or a portion of it. You will have to freeze stuff ahead of time.

You should also use the highest quality alcohol available. It’s possible that it goes without saying, but the higher the grade of alcohol used in a cocktail, the better! Our frozen margaritas are delicious with an average tequila, but they’re much nicer with a high-quality tequila. If you’re wondering whether to spend a few extra pounds on booze, we’d say yes.

But don’t make it harder than it needs to be. There should be a strong range of tastes, not too many or too few. Look up some classic flavour combinations that work well and stick to them.

Frozen cocktail serving tips

Don’t forget the glasses! To keep your frozen cocktail cold, keep some rocks glasses in the freezer.

To make a fuller, more attractive serve, fill the glass to the top.

Make sure you have straws on hand too! Preferably thick ones!

Frozen Sangria

Have you ever had frozen sangria? Frozen sangria, like a slushy, is a variation of sangria that has been chilled. This frozen wine drink is a crowd-pleaser: it’s wine-forward and just sweet enough with a touch of citrus flavor. While the technique is not Spanish in origin, it tastes like sangria and is extremely festive, making it ideal for entertaining!

Keep in mind that the oranges should be frozen overnight ahead of time. You’ll have to freeze the fruit the night before serving, so keep that in mind. Scroll down for the recipe!

Frozen Mojito

Here’s a drink that will cool you to the bone during the summer heat: the Frozen Mojito! One of our all-time finest cocktails is the classic Mojito. And this frozen spin…well, it certainly had our attention! It’s icy and outrageously refreshing, with a mint level dialed up several notches above normal.

Frozen Margaritas

Next up, frozen margaritas! Are you ready for your new favorite beverage? We’re suckers for tangy beverages. Who can pass up a frozen margarita? This is our new summer party trick: it’s wonderfully tangy, sweet, and has the flavour of a margarita.


The Bushwacker is a delicious, creamy chocolate drink that will blow your mind with its chocolaty taste. It’s a chocolate milkshake and a piña colada combined!

This frothy chocolate mousse is made with rich and creamy milk. It has notes of chocolate, coffee and vanilla, making it delicious to sip on a sunny day, or as a dessert beverage anytime you’re wishing for sunshine.

Frozen Daiquiri

Frozen daiquiris have a bright, summery feel to them that makes anything more exciting! With one of these icy alcoholic beverages in hand, dinner on the patio or a girls’ night out is both more pleasurable.

This daiquiri is so tart and invigorating that we may become addicted to it; the rum gives a delicate fruitiness that’s hard to resist. It takes just a few minutes to make, too.

Bahama Mama

Need a cold alcoholic drink that’s tropical in flavour and reminds you of summer? We’ve got one for you: the Bahama Mama! This beachy beverage includes two types of rum with pineapple juice and lime, just like its name implies. Enjoy it straight up on the rocks, or add some lime to a blender for our favorite slushy. Our spin is nicely balanced: not too sweet and tooth-achingly sippable.

Frozen rose (Frosé)

A classic: frozen rose, or frosé if you’re trendy. If you haven’t already, frosé is a blend of frozen cocktails and that much-loved summer wine. This soup is sweet enough, yet it has a rosé wine flavour! This dish is now a favorite among fans all across the country and around the world.

Tip: This slushie mix must be frozen for at least six hours or overnight.

Frozen Piña Colada

Homemade piña coladas are ideal for parties! They only take a few minutes to prepare and just need five ingredients: frozen pineapple, lime juice, coconut milk, rum and maple syrup. What’s the taste like? We’re not suggesting they’re exclusive to the 1990s, or beach resorts!

Strawberry Daiquiri recipe

Have you ever attempted to make a strawberry daiquiri at home? This frozen alcoholic beverage is one of our personal favourites. It’s considerably better than the store-bought strawberry daiquiri mix!

It’s wonderful with strawberry pie and is even more festive topped off with a second layer of lime daiquiris. Basically: this is the greatest strawberry daiquiri drink and you should make it when your pals come over!

Banana Daiquiri

Are you looking for a frozen alcoholic beverage with a wonderfully icy flavor? This Banana Daiquiri is one of our favorite frozen cocktails to serve guests since: it’s just that delicious! It’s seasoned with zingy lime, vanilla and the oak notes of aged rum, as well as a hint of orange liqueur on the finish.

Enjoy frozen cocktails

In this blog post, we’ve explore the world of frozen cocktails. Whether you’re looking for a frozen margarita, daiquiri, or piña colada, we’ve got you covered! But if you don’t drink alcohol, check out our guide to making mocktails

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