Find New Friends: Here’s How

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Friends are everything in life. Through happy and bad times, they stand by us and are always there for us. They’re also there to experience new adventures together and there when we need them. It’s essential that we surround ourselves with people who care about us. A good friend does that.

There are times in life when it makes sense to find new friends. You may have moved from one area to another and are looking for others with matching lifestyles and ages. Perhaps you are seeking connections with others going through similar experiences as you as a result of a major milestone in your life, such as having a child. Or perhaps you just want to broaden your circle of friends.

This article offers advice on how to find new friends no matter what the reason.

Seek out local groups

Check your community newspaper or newsletter for local events every week or monthly. There must be some level of interest in it so you’re motivated to attend. A church group, a running club, a crafts evening, book club, or volunteering at a local event are all fantastic ways to meet likeminded people who share similar interests. You’ll also feel good for partaking in an activity you enjoy.


Workshops are also an excellent way to meet new people. Spending more time together doing an activity you all enjoy will naturally lead to connecting with people. You have already established that common ground. For example, pottery classes, sewing classes, and photography classes. Find something you can commit to. Perhaps you’ve been putting it off, but it has been on your mind for a while. In addition, you’ll be able to exercise some self-care and meet friends organically.

Online communities

A fantastic way to find new friends and gain loyal support is through online communities. Anywhere you comment, you’re talking to someone who shares the same interests as you. Maybe you’re a writer or blogger and want to join a Facebook group for bloggers, or maybe you support a football team and want to talk with other fans. Perhaps you are interested in nature photography and would like recommendations on some beauty spots. Regardless of your interest, someone online shares it. You can build those relationships online without any physical barriers by joining forums that relate to your interests. Cosmopolitan also has a top article on apps that can help you make and keep new friends.

Talk to your neighbours

New friendships can be formed by talking and being open in general. If you pass a neighbour in the street or run into them at the door, instead of a quick greeting, engage in some light conversation. This can be about the weather, your day, etc. After a few conversations like this, the topics will naturally expand and you might enjoy going for a quick walk or coffee. You can show your openness by talking to someone you don’t know, whether they’re on your doorstep or in the local shop. Maintain an open and friendly posture and body language. When you cross your arms and look away, this looks the opposite and will turn people off. As they say, first impressions count!

Display effort

Make sure you don’t wait for those personal invitations to pour in. Take control of your own schedule and ask your friends if they’d like to go for that run or lunch (or both). To maintain your friendship, you must continue to work at it. Don’t shy away if a friend wants to invite a few more of their friends that you don’t know, be open and relaxed about the invitation. You’re likely to get along with them if they’re a friend of a friend. Who knows what it might lead to…dinner dates, weekend getaways.

Finding a new friend isn’t just about making new friends; it’s also about keeping that friendship. Having a good friend who is a good listener is extremely important from the beginning. When asked questions, be sure to listen completely to the answers. Offer support and trust without passing judgement. Friendships are strong when they have the confidence to express themselves. Choose wisely. When you’re with good friends, you should always feel good. Good friends won’t judge you or put you down, so surround yourself with those who make you happy.

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