Finding Happiness In Nature

somebody enjoying nature.

Nature can be one of our greatest sources of happiness. In fact, as humans have lived amongst nature for millions of years and our stay in modern cities is comparably short. But even now, the majority of us live in close proximity to nature. So if you’re not using it to boost your personal happiness, you should be.

The human race is dependent upon nature for its very survival. Plants recycle carbon dioxide into oxygen. Our food is a product of nature. On top of this, we can only survive under a very limited range of natural variables, like temperature.

Nature is priceless

Nature is there for everybody to stand and stare and derive happiness and solace from. It does not distinguish between rich and poor, or strong and weak. The silvery sun is free, the golden moon is free, the cool breeze, warm seashore, imposing mountains, smooth flowing rivers, dark and inviting forests, all are free.

Nature is priceless. How much would it cost to make the world’s only artificial island with rivers, forests, mountains and a surrounding ocean? A billion pounds? A zillion pounds? There is no fixed price.

It’s just ours

When we see the moon, we see it in its entirety, no matter how many millions of people are seeing it at the same time. Has a separate moon been created for each of us? Or is it only one moon which each of us somehow sees as his own individual moon? And similarly, the sky, the sun, the ocean, rain and sunshine, are all there for us to possess fully. Each one of us can stare at the sky and claim all for themselves.

Nature understands your mood. If you are sad, it is also sad with you. But it does not make you sadder. It does not lead you to further despair and it applies gentle balm to your wounds. It also sits besides you, like a mother, partner, brother, sister, or a friend. The natural environment embraces you, talks to you, listens to you patiently empathises with you. Slowly it lifts your spirits, makes you to see your little woes, worries and wounds from the right perspective. You smile, you laugh and you are happy again.

We can take nature home with us too. Plants, for example, have loads of benefits. So make sure you have some in your home.

Kids can benefit too

Children can get a lot from being outside, in nature. It provides a backdrop that allows them to explore and express themselves. If you decide to enjoy nature as a family, then it can often provide a backdrop for important conversations, because it gives you the time and space to talk.

The importance of outdoor play shouldn’t be overlooked either. Children should get the opportunity to interact with one another in nature’s playground.

It’s everywhere!

Did you realise that beauty and happiness is lying around you in the form of nature? Do you appreciate this and draw happiness out of it? If not, you should make an effort to embrace it.

There are, of course, lots of other ways to feel happy. You just need to find what works for you.

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