How Breathing Exercises Could Help You

breathing exercise

Breathing exercises can be really helpful. Different forms of these exercises are used the world over for many different purposes, from meditation to deep-sea diving preparation.

This article is only going to discuss a couple of exercises you can try to improve your lifestyle. There are dozens. so if you don’t like these, make sure you seek out others.

Mindful breathing

This is the most basic form of breathing exercise and it’s also the easiest to do. Find a comfortable spot to sit or lay down. It doesn’t need to be any special location; just someplace that’s also quiet.

Next up, you need to breathe. There’s no need to monitor your breathing, there’s no need to breathe deeply or shallowly and no need to count your breaths. Just breathe naturally. Notice your breathing, the physical process of it, how your chest rises and falls and how your stomach feels.

Do this for a minute or two. That’s all there is to it!

Deep breathing

This breathing exercise is helpful for mindfulness and a host of other issues, from improving focus to releasing stress and anxiety. You can do it anywhere too, and don’t have to sit or lie down to do so.

Take a deep, strong breath. Feel your lungs as full as they can go. Do it slowly and deliberately. Hold your breath for a moment. Now exhale. Repeat several times. Notice how it feels as you breathe. You can do this at scheduled times or whenever you feel the need.

Breath counting

This is a type of breathing exercise that can be easily coupled with either normal, or deep breathing. It adds counting into the mix to help you focus and keep your mind from wandering. It also helps break you out of thought loops, cycles of stress and negative thinking.

To do this exercise, simply add counting into one of the other two routines. You can either count to a certain number of breaths, or just count until you feel finished, or your timer goes off.

All of these exercises are incredibly easy to do and they will all help you become more relaxed and can lead to a happier life! They’ll also relieve stress and anxiety. So what are you waiting for?

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