7 Things To Do Before You Move House

A box and a moving van

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful life events and it’s easy to see why. Not only do you have to get all of the legal aspects and paperwork in place, but you also have to pack you life up into little boxes and move it all. But try not to worry. If you’re about to move house then we’ve got you covered. Here are 7 things to do before moving day.

1) Declutter

If you’ve sold your house, or you’re considering putting it on the market, then you need to declutter. Go through everything and make a pile for charity, a pile to sell (if you have the time and energy), a pile for the tip and a pile to keep. The more you declutter, the less you will have to pack up and move, so think hard about each and every item and only take what you absolutely want and need.

2) Process Your Stuff Gradually

Nobody wants to stressing the week before they move house, working through their things, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time. Take it room by room and cupboard by cupboard. You could even process certain areas whilst watching a film or listening to music. By breaking it up into small chunks,. the whole process will be much more manageable and enjoyable.

3) Think About The Absolute Essentials

When you’re packing, have a think about those items that you will want to have to hand almost instantly. We suggest that each family member packs an overnight bag and that you know where the kettle, mugs, tea and coffee is, as you’ll probably want to make a hot drink as soon as you arrive in your new place.

4) Get Some Help

Moving house is very stressful, no matter how organised you are, so you should consider getting some help. Hire a man and a van service to assist you on moving day. Not only will this cut stress for you, but it should make the move itself quicker.

5) Get Rid Of Food

Let’s face it, most of us have cupboards (and freezers) full of food. Start eating your way through it a few weeks before you move house. You should also donate any surplus cans of food to your nearest food bank.

6) Have A Plan For Your Kids And Pets

On the big day, you won’t want to be tripping over your kids and your pets. So make sure you plan where they will be in advance. It might be worth drafting in a grandparent, or a trusted friend for the day, because having your kids and pets around could cause you additional stress.

7) Remind Yourself Why

Moving house is stressful, that’s pretty much a fact. But there is a reason why you’ve decided to make the move. It could be that you’ve found a bigger property for your family to grow into, or maybe you’re looking to downsize to free up some cash. Whatever the reason for your decision, try to keep it at the front of mind, as it will help you to work through the moving stress.

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