Updating Our Home

Like millions of other people, we’ve spent more time at home than ever over this past 18 months. Being within the same four walls to live and work has certainly highlighted what we do and don’t love about our home. So we have been saving those pennies that we haven’t spent in restaurants and theatres, to make some changes to our home. Carry on reading to learn about our plans.

Where We Live

We live in a 19th century terrace house in town in Northern England. The property used to be owned by a doctor and it was split into a selection of houses and each one was sold off. My partner grew up in this house and it is certainly in need of some improvements.

The living room

We have a wallpapered roof, along with painted coving. However, the coving is dark and it makes the room look rather glum. To combat this, we will be painting it white and and buying some new wallpaper and prints for the walls.

The front door

Our front door is wooden and it’s been there for many years. However, it regularly needs the paint stripping and a fresh coat of paint to be added. We are currently in the process of stripping the door and we plan to paint it a racing-car green colour. We love the door, as it has period feel, so we are keen to preserve it for as long as we can.

The windows

Our next door neighbour recently had traditional sash windows fitted and I am very envious! We desperately need ours doing too. Our heating bill has surged during the pandemic, so we are keen to replace our windows so they are doubled glazed.

My neighbour has gone for a textured wood grain finish on her frames and I would like something similar. I know that I’m not the only neighbour with my eye on copying either; I went to collect a parcel from next door just last week, when somebody approaches to ask about the windows!

The master bedroom

In our bedroom, we have recently updated the wardrobes and we have bought a new bed, with storage underneath. However, the room does need wallpapering and painting and we also require a new carpet and new skirting boards. This will be our first priority, as this room is already half done.

Bedroom number two

At present, our son is in the box room, but we would like to move him to the second bedroom at some point. However, it needs some upgrading first. We will be looking to replace the old fitted wardrobes and to decorate the walls in car wallpaper. We will also get rid of the double bed that’s currently in there and move a single in, so he has room to play on the floor.

Getting to work

We have already started making changes to our home and at times our list of home improvements seems never ending. But we are making progress I know we will get there.

We are very mindful with our improvements, as we want to ensure that the property keeps its period features.

Note: this is a paid collaboration.

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