Ways To Feel Daily Happiness

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Life is busy and it can be really easy to forget to prioritise daily happiness. It could be that you’ve not even thought about whether you feel daily happiness. If you haven’t, I hope this article prompts you to tap into those feelings and realise it can be achieved. All that is needed is a little touch of mindfulness from yourself. It’s all about doing the small things in life that please you. Small things that can be achieved daily. The concept being, by repeating practices often it will raise the feeling of daily happiness.

Go outside

We all know the benefits of being outside and being around nature has on our mental health, so getting out daily is a huge one for happiness. Whether it’s walking the dog, a short stroll during a break from remote working. Or just to get some fresh air, go outside and walk through a green and leafy spot, take in your surroundings while you’re on the move. Listen to your favourite album or podcast should you wish. It’s a great self-care activity that will leave you smiling and you’ll definitely feel happier than you did before you got moving. Nature is also everywhere and there is no cost, so no excuses.

The daily treat

You can choose whatever it is, but treat yourself to one thing every day that makes you feel happy. This can be really powerful. Something that’s just for you.  You deserve it. It doesn’t matter how much time you have for this; you can fit anything in. It could be a Costa coffee as you’re running errands, maybe you can spare half-hour and want to catch up with a soap or drama you’re watching. You could decide that today’s the day you’ll treat yourself to your favourite meal, or start the book that’s sitting on your bedside. One thing every day that’s just for you, whether it’s picking up a physical treat on the go, or allocating some time to enjoy something you love. It will all work to help you feel daily happiness.

Connect with a friend

It can be easy to take relationships for granted, but make sure you are connecting with friends daily. Friends can lift our spirits, help us feel loved and provide support when we don’t even realise, we need. It doesn’t need to be a long chat, though if you have time for a little catch up on the phone that’s great! Even a check-in text can lift your mood, make you laugh and feel more energised than you did before you reached out.

Sleep well

As we all know, sleep affects how we are feeling so making sure you are getting enough shut-eye to feel that daily happiness. It helps to get up and go to bed around the same time. Having some quiet time before bed and making your bedroom a cool and dark zone will also help. Regulating your body clock will make you feel happier. The aim is to get 7-9 hours sleep every night if possible.

Food choices

Try as much as possible to be mindful of the type of food you’re eating with happiness in mind. Avoid lots of sugary foods that will provide only a short-term energy surge before the crash. High processed foods can make you feel down. We all like a treat, but it’s all about making some good food choices every day that are going to keep our moods up. Whole grain and complex carbs will tap into your body’s feel-good chemicals, as well as many others.

Be grateful

Start the day feeling grateful for what you have can help aid daily happiness. When you look in the mirror first thing or just before you get up, think about a handful of things you are grateful for. It can help you feel more positive about the people and things that surround you, and help you really see and connect with what you have. It’s something that many of us can easily forget, but there is always something to be grateful for and it’s a positive thing to connect with that.

It’s all about thinking about the little things that can make you feel happy and executing them. Daily habits that are just about you and how you’re feeling. In acknowledging these things and practicing them, you’ll grow confidence, worth and happiness that can further develop with time and self-care. There are also some great suggestions for quick ways to feel happier from Bossy Girl I’d also recommend reading.


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